Nour Assili

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Welcome to my headquarters. I’m from Tunis, Tunisia. If you know Tataouin from Star Wars, it is a real place in my country. I am a senior at the University of Rochester, studying Data Science.
I am currently a software engineering intern at Rockefeller Capital Management building AI & ML models for fraud detection. Simultaneously, I run the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation, a nonprofit focused on blockchain adoption. Previously, I built products and improved user experience at Amalthea FS and Mos. Perpetually, I'm fascinated by the possibilities of technology for good, bad, and trivial.
My Resume
Nour’s 2023 Wrapped
Learning Map
Currently: Rochester, NY

What I am up to

Expand my technical skillset
Build and deploy full-stack applications
Learn Solidity and contribute to open-source Web3 projects
Participate in hackathons
Scale blockchain education at BAF to reach 1M people

Current Status

Consensys Blockchain Developer Bootcamp (21%)
6/8 Semesters Completed
Senior Spring classes: Statistical Machine Learning, Intro to Artificial Intelligence, Narrative Theory, Intermediate Spanish
Organize BAF 2024 Meetups:
  • ETH Denver
  • FHE
  • Consensus
  • ETH Berlin

What I have done so far

💻 Buit wesave.tn to promote and facilitate blood donation in North Africa
🎙 Featured in the Tour Documentary of Womenpreneur
📚 Received a full-ride scholarship to the University of Rochester
👄 Spoke at some events: my TedX talk about the tunisian revolution
🏆 Outstanding Community Service Award from the US Dep. of State


Software Engineering Intern, Amalthea FS
Fellow, Outliers
Software Engineering Intern, Human-Computer Interaction Lab at UR Fellow, Kernel
User Experience, Mos.com

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