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I am Head of Growth at the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation, a non profit focused on blockchain adoption. Previously, I spent time at Mos and WeSave. My core learning is aligning myself with people who care. I am especially interested in web3, gen z marketing, existential risk, and emerging markets in Africa. I also write about crypto.

2022 Bucket List

My To-Read List

<aside> πŸ“ Currently: Rochester, NY


What I am up to

Scale growth at BAF to impact 1M people

Master web development

Contribute to DeveloperDAO

Organize BAF online meetups weekly

Current Status

Applying to internships

Started a full stack web dev course

Building a DApp: StackOverflow on Ethereum

Organizing web3 meetups (SF ✈️ Austin ✈️ Seattle)

What I have done so far

πŸ’» Buit to promote and facilitate blood donation in North Africa

πŸŽ™ Featured in the Tour Documentary of Womenpreneur as one of the most inspiring women in tech in Tunisia

πŸ“š Received a full-ride scholarship to the University of Rochester

πŸ‘„ Spoke at some events: my TedX talk about the tunisian revolution

πŸ† Outstanding Community Service Award from the US Dep. of State

🌸 Fellow at Kernel


Head of Growth, Blockchain Acceleration Foundation

Customer Experience, at

Product Manager Intern, at WebRadar

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